Archiwa tagu: Amit Zott Value Creation in e-business

Value Creation in E-Business and Financial Performance: Researching Polish Online Companies with Amit and Zott’s Model.



The paper presents the outcomes of the survey of the managers of Polish internet companies with the aim of verifying to what extent the e-business value creation model developed by Amit and Zott could be used to explain different profitability levels among firms. The study included 150 businesses with the largest representation of internet retailers and service providers. The major outcome of the study was developing logistic regression model that allowed to establish which variables were statistically significant predictors of operational return on sales ratio. It implied that out of four elements comprising Amit and Zott’s model only Complementarities were closely linked with improved financial performance. The two other elements – Customer Lock-in and Novelty – were not viable predictors while the forth component (Efficiency for Customer) was negatively related to the performance metric.
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