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Does Customer Analysis Affect Firm Performance? Quantitative Evidence from Polish Insurance Market

P. Tomczyk, T. Doligalski, P. Zaborek, Does customer analysis affect firm performance? Quantitative evidence from the Polish insurance market, “Journal of Business Research”, vol. 69, iss. 9, p. 3652–3658, September 2016, doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2016.03.026

The full version of the article is available on the website of the Journal of Business Research


The paper explores the relationship between conducting customer analysis and financial performance. The data for the study were collected from 590 small insurance intermediaries in the Polish market. The structural equation modelling indicates that the strongest predictor of financial performance was the use of formalized knowledge processing, followed by the scope of performed customer analysis. Other factors positively correlated with financial standing included earning most revenues from corporate clients (versus consumers) and employing policies aimed at regaining former customers. The study also finds that add-on on selling was not significantly associated with better financial results.

Keywords: customer analysis, customer lifetime value, marketing performance, financial performance, insurance, Poland
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Internet-Based Customer Portfolio Building


Paper accepted for 10th International Conference Marketing Trends (Paris, January 20th-20nd 2011).

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This paper presents a conceptual model of Internet-based customer portfolio building. The proposed model refers to the concept of value exchange between a company and a customer, as well as to the concept of delivering values to customers. The model is made up of five stages: defining, creating, communicating and delivering values, as well as generating values for a company.
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